Ⅰ Keyboard issues:

Invalid key-press, or tester’s functions not identical by the keyboard respectively

1.   Press the keys and it shows “Testing is being performed. Cannot revise the settings”

Analysis:This is normal and free from fault. Under the state of testing, the settings cannot be revised. The settings cannot be revised until this testing is finished. Viewed from the LCD screen, the tester is under the state of testing now.

Solution:Finish this testing and all key-press will resume to normal.

2.   Press the keys and it shows “Testing is being performed. ‘STOP’ key is locked”

Analysis:This is normal and free from fault. “‘STOP’ key is locked” prompts that the function of “Keyboard locked” is chosen in the previous testing. At this time the key “START/STOP” is locked.

Solution:Switch to the “other” interface, and choose “Miscellaneous”, then close the option of “Keyboard locked”.

3.   Press the keys and it shows “USB Communication is working....”

Analysis:This is normal and free from fault. From the note of “USB Communication is working....”, the tester’s “PC Communication” is under the state of “On”. At this time the keyboard and screen are locked.

Solution:Choose “Off” in the “PC Communication” of the tester after the communication between PC and tester. Another solution is to power-off the tester and reboot.

Ⅱ Communication Issues between the tester and the computer

1.   The tester cannot be connected to the laptop with the provided serial port cable.

Analysis:The early XGXC tester provides RS232 serial port for communication with the desktop computer, but some laptop computer has no such port, so that the laptop computer cannot connect with the tester directly with the provided RS232 cable.

Solution:Get a RS232/USB adapter, and connect one end to the laptop and the other to the tester.

2.   Connecting the tester with the computer via Ethernet interface, TestManagerPro shows the computer cannot communicate with the tester.

Analysis:The IP configurations between the computer and the tester are unmatched.

Solution:Check the IP configuration of the computer, such as IP address, Mask, Gateway, configure the IP of the tester according to the computer.

Ⅲ  Battery and Adapter Issues

1.   The instrument can not be powered on or has no displays.

Analysis: When Low Battery alarms, the tester will be shut down automatically soon. When the   voltage of battery drops to a low level, the electric circuit of the tester will be locked or cannot be opened.


Step 1:Plug the AC adapter into an appropriate AC wall outlet and power the   tester with external power supply.

Step 2:When the battery is fully charged, unplug the AC adapter and press     the      Power key to switch on the tester. And the tester will work normally.

2.   When the battery charged fully, LED of Charge will be turned off. And LED will be lit as soon as plugging AC adapter again.

Analysis: The battery will be charged automatically when connected with AC adapter because the power consumption in working process. The battery will be fully charged in a very short time. And Charge indicator will turned off.

Solution:It is normal. Please take it easy.

3.   The instrument shuts off.


(1) When working with battery only and no adapter, the instrument will shut off when low  battery.

(2) The auto shut-off is acted. When the instrument is not on testing, and no operating in 5mins, the instrument will be shut off to save the power.


(1) Check whether the battery is in low voltage, please charge it if necessary.

(2) Check if Auto Power off inOthermenu isON/OFF. Please set itOFFwhen needing.

4.   The tester warns Low Voltage after working for a short time.


(1) For NiMH rechargeable battery: Working time differs from various models, for more details please refer to User’s Manual. Even though, extreme shot working time means abnormal. Under the instruction of User’s Manual, you should change the battery for another new AA rechargeable one with the same standard.

Besides, since NiMH battery is rememberable, the working time will shorten if improperly charged.

(2) For Li rechargeable battery, both charging and discharging time are limited, at around 500~800 times or 800~1200 times (depending on specific model). The battery needs to be replaced when charging or recharging time is up to the limited.

Solution:Change the battery for new one. Besides, please try to charge only if the tester warns Low Voltage, and ensure to charge for 4~5 hours.

5.   When connecting the tester with the external AC adapter, the battery cannot be charged, and the LED of Charge is off, too.


(1) The adapter is broken.

(2) The rechargeable battery is broken.

(3) The charging circuit is faulty.


Step 1:Connect the adapter to the power supply (220V), test the adapter output voltage with the multimeter, and check whether the voltage is normal. If not, it means the adapter is broken, please replace it for another well adapter with the same standard, and ensure the adapter works well; if normal, it means the adapter is well, please go toStep 2.

Without multimeter, please change for another adapter, with the same standard and in good status, connect with the tester, and check whether it can work well. If well, it means the former adapter is broken; if not well, please go toStep 2.

Step 2:Replace the battery for another rechargeable one with the same standard, connect it to the adapter, start the tester and check the LED of Charge beON/OFF. IfON, it means the former battery may be broken, please change it for another battery with the same standard; ifOFF, it means the charging circuit is faulty, please ask the professional technicians for help.

6.   When the LED indicator of DC charger (built-in the charging circuit) is off, the tester works well.

Analysis: The charging circuit is broken, or the rechargeable battery is broken.

Solution: Replace a DC charger or a battery with the same specifications for the troubleshooting.

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