Company Overview


2001.07.15 XGXC established

2002.05    Launched the first generation E1, E1/Datacom and PCM channel analyzers

2003.03    Launched ADSL tester, which extended the product line to wideband field

2003.05    Registered XGXC logo nationally

2003.10    Got the first order from overseas and started to explore the local channel aboard

2004.03    Launched the power tele-control measurement instrument

2004.06    Awarded of Hi-Tech Enterprise in Shenzhen

2005.08    Launched the second generation of E1, E1/Datacom testers, from basic to advanced

2005.10    Certificated of ISO 9001 Quality System

2006.05    Launched ADSL2+ testing series

2007         Executed Key Performance Indicator to the whole company

2009         Launched the first generation of gigabit Ethernet tester

2010         Launched several test tools for fiber optic engineering

2011         Launched the first IEEE1588 time analyzer in China, and took out the patent

2011         Launched the new tester management software TestManagerPlus

2012         Launched the first OTDR of own

2012         Launched the first bi-channel PTP with the highest resolution of timing and  time-stamp

2013         Launched the advanced OTDR with larger dynamic ranges

2013         Launched the second generation of gigabit Ethernet tester on a new platform

2014         Launched IP RAN tester

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