OTDR Test Solutions

OTDR Test Solutions

After installation of fiber cables, we need to perform the measurements, and record the fiber length, span loss, connector loss, connector position, etc. In verification test we use OTDR most commonly. It emits light with some certain pulse width into the fiber under test, detects the power distribution of optical signal on basis of Rayleigh scattering and Fresnel reflection along the time axis, and then draw the OTDR trace, so as to acquire the parameters like connector loss, fiber loss, and find the fault position, as well as to get clear of the loss distribution along the fiber link.

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    Test Solutions

    1 OTDR Test

     OTDR Test

    Fig 1     OTDR Test

    2  OTDR Parameters

    Users have to set proper parameters before measurement.

    OTDR Parameters

    Fig 2     OTDR Parameters

    Wavelength:average loss is larger in 1310nm than in 1550nm

    Range:measurement range, 1.5 times of fiber length recommended

    Pulse Width:selected based on actual needs

    Duration:test time, 60 seconds recommended

    OR:Index of Refraction, given by fiber optics factory

    Only after setting correct OTDR parameters, do we get accurate measurements on the fibers.

    3 OTDR Trace

    OTDR Trace-XGXC

    Fig 3     OTDR Trace

    Summary:Display information like wavelength, Pass/Fail, ORL, Span loss, etc

    Trace:Display the complete test graphics, and can be operated like zoom in/out, etc

    Trace info:Display the acquisition information, trace information, comments, etc

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