IP Bearer Network Test Solutions

IP Bearer Network Test Solutions

IP bearer network is constructed based on MPLS. It implements fast switching of the next generation network through the fast exchange of tags. Currently IP bearer network devices include PTN, OTN, IP RAN, etc. To measure performance indexes of all aspects in the IP bearer network, including transmission quality, network performance, and clock precision, XGXC China introduces new test solutions for the IP bearer network for rapid troubleshooting, and it provides a more comprehensive, more convenient tool for field applications.

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    1    Test Solutions

    Test Solutions for IP bearer network System

    Fig 1     Test Solutions for IP bearer network System

    E1 Test

    Ethernet Test

    Clock Synchronization Test

    2    Test Method & Applications

    End-to-End/Loopback Tests

    Fig 2     End-to-End/Loopback Tests

    Test Modes:

    1) Loopback test

    Physical loopback at far end: Physical layer test

    Smart loopback: Layer1/2/3 test

    2) End-to-End: Bi-directional test

    2.1 E1 Test

    BER Test

    Jitter Test

    E1 Pulse Mask

    2.2 Ethernet Test

    RFC2544 Test

    ITU-T Y.1564 Test

    Connectivity Test

    2.3 Clock Synchronization Test

    Accuracy Measurement

    Wander Test

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