Gigabit Ethernet Test Solutions

Gigabit Ethernet Test Solutions

With the development and universality of computer network technology, network becomes more and more important in our daily life. The service development also brings more challenges to the network, like heavy network load by the increased business, low network speed, inadequate broadband, etc.

To deal with the problems we meet commonly, XGXC China has offered a series of Ethernet testing solutions by resorting to the good understanding of different testing applications and the research of network development in the future, which largely simplifies the network maintenance and makes the daily operation more efficiently.

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    Test Solutions

    Test Solutions for Ethernet System

    Fig 1     Test Solutions for Ethernet System

    End-To-End Test

    Network Elements Test

    1  Performance Test

    Performance Test

    Fig 2     Performance Test

    Test modes:

    1) Loopback Test

    Physical loopback at far end: Physical layer test

    Smart Loopback: Layer1/2/3 test

    2)End-to-End: Bi-directional test

    Test Items:

    1)   Full-featured RFC2544 test

    2)   Y.1564test, ITU-T Y.1564(Ethernet Service Activation Methodology)

    3)   BER test

    4)   Jitter test

    2  Connectivity Test

    Users can verify the connectivity of the network before taking performance measurement.

    Connectivity Test

    Fig 3     Connectivity Test




    3  Network Monitoring

    Users can perform continuous measurement on the devices and error in the whole broadcast domain.

    4  Cable VCT

    It can identify short circuit, open circuit, cable length fault location, etc, so as to find the fault of the physical layer rapidly.

    5  Service Disruption Time test

    It can measure the disruption duration when switching from main link to backup link.

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