Voice Channel Test Solutions

Voice Channel Test Solutions

Voice channel communication is an important part of digital communication system. The audio characteristics of primary-rate devices, to large extent, determine the quality of the voice channel, i.e., the clarity, intelligibility and naturalness of the voice. The voice channel characteristics include Level, Variation of gain with frequency, Variation of gain with input level, Total distortion including quantizing distortion, Idle channel noise, Crosstalk, Return loss, Longitudinal conversion loss, Longitudinal conversion transfer loss.

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    Test Solutions

    1  Voice Channel Test

    Engineering Test

    Through End-to-End test mode with 2 sets of testers and A-A test method, it can measure all the indexes along the voice channel, so as to check the quality of the voice channel.

    Telecom Device Test

    With 1 set of tester and A-A, A-D, D-A, D-D test method, it can measure the voice chancel indexes of telecom devices like PCM multiplexer, digital switches, carrier wave communication devices, VoIP devices, etc

    Voice Channel Test-XGXC

    Fig 1     Voice Channel Test

    2  E1BER Test

     E1 BER Test-XGXC

    Fig 2     E1 BER Test

    Loopback test at far end

    End-to-End Test

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