E1&Datacom Test Solutions

E1&Datacom Test Solutions

As the basis of Access/Transport channel, E1 and lower rate datacom lines are widely and largely applied in the telecommunication system. The quality of these lines directly influences the telecommunication system's running and business development.

To solve the common problems encountered during the maintenance of the low rate channel of telecommunication, XGXC has launched a series of E1 & Datacom test solutions. Through terminal, in service and end to end modes, it can perform the BER measurement for the data transport devices, check the performance & quality of the channel, and locate the fault quickly so as to improve the maintenance work efficiently.

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    Test Solutions

    1 “E1” Test

    E1 Test-XGXC

    Fig 1     E1 Test

    1)    Out-of-Service BER Test: Loopback, End-to-End

    2)    In-Service BER Test: Hi-Z, Through

    3)    Test Parameters: Level, Frequency, Pulse Mask, Jitter, etc

    2 “Datacom” Test

    In data communication system, the terminal devices or transport devices are inter-connected through datacom interfaces: V.24/RS-232/V.28, V.35, V.36、X.21、RS-485、RS-449、EIA-530、EIA-530A.

    Datacom Test-XGXC

    Fig 2     Datacom Test

    BER Test: Loopback, End-to-End

    3 “G.703 CO” Test

     G.703 Co Test-XGXC

    Fig 3     G.703 Co Test

    BER Test

    G.703 64kb/s Co Loopback test (near-end/far-end)

    G.703 64kb/s Co End-to-End test (far-end)

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