XG6050 PTN/IP RAN Tester helps to measure IP Carrier Network

During Sept. 2nd to Sept. 6th, the 16th China International Optics Exhibition ( short for CIOE) was held in ShenzhenExhibitionCenter. CIOE is the largest scale and the full categories exhibition in fiber optics worldwide. XGXC is the leading supplier of telecom network measurement and maintenance solution inChina, and exhibited the full line test instruments there, and officially launched XG6050 PTN/ IP RAN Tester.

XGXC Booth No.: 1C76

Fig. 1  XGXC Booth No.: 1C76

XG6050 PTN/IP  RAN  Tester is  handheld  instrument specially designed for field testing in PTN/IP RAN bearer network.  It  can  measure,  analyze  and  evaluate  the transmission  quality,  performance,  and  the  clock synchronization  of  the  IP  carrier  network.  It provides reliable test data for the opening and maintenance of carrier network. It is widely applicable in the opening, check & acceptance, and commissioning, troubleshooting, daily maintenance in the mobile system.

XG6050 PTN/IP RAN Tester Results

Fig. 2  XG6050 PTN/IP RAN Tester Results

XG6050 PTN/ IP RAN Tester is quite functional, and supports dual Ethernet port and several test modes. It also integrates the measurements of Ethernet link, TDM service and clock synchronization.

First of all, XG6050 PTN/ IP RAN Tester supports measurement of Ethernet link, including dual fiber port and dual copper port with the link rate of 10/100/1000Mbps. It supports RFC2544 test ( Throughput, frame loss rate, latency, back-to-back), Y.1564 test ( service performance test, service configuration test), network connectivity (Ping test, Tracerout, ARP scan), SDT test, BER test at L1/L2/L3,statistics of frame length, frame type and utilization under through mode, VLAN (Q-in-Q) tag, DHCP, traffic generation (8 streams, 128 streams), VCT, blink port, sniffer and loopback etc.

Secondly, XG6050 PTN/ IP RAN Tester supports TDM (E1) test. For example, it supports framed/unframed BER test under Hi-Z mode, TS monitoring and analysis under in-service mode and through mode, APS, jitter generation and measurement (optional), wander measurement, error insertion, alarm insertion, frequency and slip measurement, pulse mask and level measurement.

Thirdly, XG6050 PTN/ IP RAN Tester supports clock performance measurement (optional). It includes E1 jitter tolerance, max output jitter and jitter transfer. And also, it support wander measurement over E1/ SyncE, and MTIE, TDEV analysis, clock accuracy measurement and external clock reference.

XG6050 PTN/IP RAN Tester is about 0.8kg, which is convenient for carrying along. The rechargeable Li-ion battery promises a endurance of 6~8 hours, and the auto-poweroff helps to save the power. XG6050 supports upgrading online.

Besides, XG6050 PTN/IP RAN Tester supports to unload the test results to PC and then print test report in A4 format with TestManagerPro. XG6050 take cover/joint protection important, with hand rope & kickstand provided for different test fields. As long as  the launch of XG6050 PTN/IP RAN Tester, the operators will have the right solution for the IP carrier network service and synchronization performance measurement.

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