TestManagerPlus is surveillance and management PC software which specially communicates with the OTDRs through USB port or Ethernet port in PC. It can support uploading the storage data from the tester or from local computer, viewing and printing the results of test records. Every test record can be easily checked, managed and further analyzed on the PC. It can also on-line upgrade the embedded software automatically in the tester with this PC software.

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    Menu Introduction

    1  TestManagerPlus main menu, as shown in Fig 1.

     TestManagerPlus Main Menu-XGXC

    Fig1             TestManagerPlus Main Menu

    Basic functions include:

    Connect the tester

    OTDR data analysis

    Upload the test results

    View/Delete the test results

    Analyze/File the test results

    Write in functional code

    Print test reports

    Plot test report in HTML, PDF file

    Upgrade the embedded software


    2  OTDR Analysis Menu, as shown in Fig 2.

    OTDR Analysis Menu-XGXC

    Fig 2     OTDR Analysis Menu

    In OTDR analysis menu, there are six windows in all including cable, event, span, measure, trace info, reference.

    Cable window:Display or Edit the fiber/cable information;

    Event window:Auto or manually analyze event information;

    Span window:To set the start point and end point of span for analysis;

    Measure window:Measure the trace in sections with different arithmetic;

    Trace Info window:View or modify fiber/cable settings;

    Reference window:Open several traces in the same co-ordinate, to take as reference, or to make comparison.

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