XG2038 PCM Channel Analyzer

XG2038 PCM Channel Analyzer
Highlights :
Built-in balance bridge and reflection bridge; Only one unit can test the return loss, longitudinal conversion loss; Built-in circuit of setting up a call, can establish test channel directly through dialing from the unit ; Built-in DC loop feed circuit and hold circuit
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    XG2038 PCM Channel Analyzer is an advanced portable test set developed based on multi-task operation system. Itiswidely used to measure PCM devices, digital switches, carrier wave communication devices, VoIP devices, etc. It is especially useful in the measurement & test during the process of R&D, production, engineering installation, commissioning, verification and maintenance.

    A-A Voice channel Characteristics testing:


    Variation of gain with frequency

    Variation of gain with input level

    Total distortion including quantizing distortion

    Idle channel noise


    Return loss

    Longitudinal conversion loss

    Longitudinal conversion transfer loss

    A-D, D-A, D-D Voice channel Characteristics testing

    2M (E1) frame and unframed BER testing, alarm detection and error analysis

    Test interfaces: 2/4 W E&M, MDR, LGE, FXO, LGS, FXS

    Built-in masks for test comparison

    Work with PC software TestManagerPro, to upload results to PC

    Upgrade software for free






    Interface Impedance

    600W, 200W+560W//0.1uF, 200W+680W//0.1uF, 0Ω (output) and high impedance (input)

    Relative Level

    Tx+1dBr-16dBr, step: 0.1dBm

    Rx+7dBr-10dBr, step: 0.1dBm

    DC Loop

    ICTDynamic impedance>100KΩ, Loop Current: max. 60mA, Loop Voltage: 18V;

    OGTDynamic impedance >100KΩ, Loop Constant Current =25mA

    E1 Testing

    Impedance75Ω (Unbalanced), 120Ω (Balanced)

    Line CodeHDB3AMI

    Frame TypePCM30/30CRC, PCM31/31CRC, Unframed



    Operating Temperature


    Storage Temperature



    5%95% Non-condensing


    Approx 1.8Kg

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